Horizon Education Center of China


Horizon Education Center of China


To encourage participants to analyze environmental problems using up-to-date methods, and to encourage systematic innovation.

Major Projects

  • 2005 - Present, Modern Teachers Education Program
  • 2009 - Present, Sichuan Post-earthquake Reconstruction and Art Education Program
  • 2009 - Present, Symantec Program
  • 2010 - Present, Yushu Zhouqu Post-earthquake Reconstruction Program
  • 2009 - Present, Xinjiang Changji Vocational Education Reform Program

Major Funders

Ford Foundation, Symantec Corporation, Give2China, Tencent Charity Foundation, Narada Foundation, China Charities Aid Foundation for Children

Major Partners

A number of universities, including Peking University and universities in Xinjiang and other Western Chinese provinces, Department of Education in Xinjiang and other Western Chinese provinces, Beijing Xicheng (Xicheng District) Shegongwei (Social Work Committee), Dashilan Jiedao (Street) Juweihui (Neighborhood Committee), Beijing Huizeren Consulting Service Center and other NGOs


We use pragmatic, applicable and sustainable methods, and strive to develop participants’ self-development and self-improvement.