Huai River Eco-Environment Research Center (Huai River Guard)


Huai River Eco-Environment Research Center (Huai River Guard)

Major Projects

  • 2001 - Present, Saving Huaihe Hope Project
  • 2001 - Present, Long-term follow-up survey and monitoring of sewage in the Huai River
  • 2004 - Present, Providing clean water and health assistance in highly contaminated areas
  • 2008 - Present, Public monitory network for Huai River sewage
  • 2008 - Present, Water pollution control of shallow underground drinking water and village rescue in the Huai River region

Major Achievements

  • 2009, SEE·TNC Ecology Award
  • 2010, Ford Motor Environment Grants
  • 2010, First China Social Innovation Award
  • 2010, First CMG’s Innovation for Poverty Alleviation Award
  • 2011, China Water Environmental Protection Figure (Organization) Award

Major Funders

SEE Foundation

Major Partners

Beijing Huanyou Science and Technology Research Center(北京环友科技中心), Rural Development Research Center(农村问题发展研究中心), University of Science & Technology Beijing “Walk Huai River Road Again” University Students Group(北京科技大学“重走淮河路”大学生团队)


We have developed a public monitor network for Huai River sewage and created a framework for NGO collaboration. We have also established long-term communication mechanisms; have carried out the dredging of river waters, and work to improve the efficiency of environmental protection.