Journey of Love Social Work Service Center


Journey of Love Social Work Service Center


To carry out an exploration of China's new internet-age public interest field with a basis in love and care, transmitting the concept of public interest charity.

Major Projects

  • Childcare: “Love Bus,” “Reading Together, Sharing Together,” “Dandelion Plan,” “One-on-One Assistance,” “Journey of Love Teachers Group,” “Love Storehouse”
  • Environmental Protection: “Green Water Action,” “Caterpillar Meeting,” “Qing Mountain Action”
  • Cultural Protection: “Cool and Distinguished Assembly,” “Three Rivers Cultural Heritage Patrol Team,” “Nanjing Cultural Walking Group,” “New Citizen Cultural Development,” “Self-service Tours”

Major Achievements

  • 2012, Jiangsu Women's Federation, “Social Work Plan Solicitation Creativity, Third Place Award”
  • Our activities have been covered by CCTV, People's Daily, almost all of the mainstream media in Jiangsu and Nanjing, as well as receiving recognition by the Nanjing Propaganda, Civil Administration, and Social Work Departments.

Major Funders

Amity Foundation, Non-Profit Incubator, Nanjing Xuanwu District Civil Affairs Bureau, Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst, Individuals

Major Partners

Yincheng Real Estate, Aixiang Shopping, Shishang Travel Agency


Working collaboratively with the government, foundations, businesses, NGOs, and social organizations, we spread the concept of public interest charity, establishing a new public interest culture for the new internet age.