Justice for All


Justice for All


To utilize policy advocacy tactics to participate in public policy work, and to promote the social equality of women, the disabled, those with AIDS, and other groups in need.

Major Projects

  • March - April 2011, "Women Occupy Men's Bathrooms" and "Mulan Applies for a Job" demonstrations
  • September 2011, MSM Anti-Discrimination Law Training Meeting
  • October 2011, "Hepatitis B Network Advertising Investigative Report."
  • December 2011, Disability Anti-Discrimination Law Training Meeting
  • February 2012, Anti-Discrimination Newsletter
  • March 2012, "Citizens Social Support Plan"
  • April 2012, Gender Equality Training Meeting

Major Achievements

  • September 2011, Guizhou First AIDS Employment Discrimination Plan
  • December 2011, The "Traveler's Smile" Opposing AIDS Employment Discrimination Activity, gathering 12,666 photos to send to the relevant personnel, social protection departments, and health departments
  • Through February 28, 2012, Appeared in more than 500 media reports


We engage in legal aid, training, and research. We also produce reports for government use in policy formulation, in order to promote the realization of social equality.