Kaifeng Love Town


Kaifeng Love Town


To carry out philanthropic projects and public interest activities, providing aid and relief to the disadvantaged.

Major Projects

  • 2003 - 2009, Established a "Love Town" Welfare Agency
  • 2003, Assisted college students in need with a work-study program and capacity building
  • 2006, Established "Hope Home," the first Ministry of Education-approved study program for the impoverished children of those suffering from AIDS
  • 2004, Developed an AIDS prevention and AIDS care program
  • 2008, Carried out a yearlong educational program for impoverished rural and special needs areas

Major Achievements

  • Our association's activities have been covered by all local media, as well as a portion of provincial and national media
  • 2006, Henan Department of Civil Affairs cited us as a provincial-level advanced civil society organization
  • 2009, 2012, Repeatedly cited as an outstanding volunteer organization in the Zhengkai International Marathon

Major Funders

Individuals Donors

Major Partners

Kaifeng colleges and universities, Yushi County Red Ribbon Project, Canadian Association for the Advancement of Cadence Wuhan Representative Office


We promote "popular philanthropy" and "project indigenization," approaching our work with a perspective that is both professionalized and altruistic. We emphasize long-term projects that can alter mindsets and environments, rather than pursuing short-term results.