Guangzhou Lezhu Students Supporting Charity Association


Guangzhou Lezhu Students Supporting Charity Association


To help underprivileged students complete their studies, and to form a network of educational assistance.

Major Projects

  • Financial support to poverty-stricken high school and university students;
  • “One Student, One New Desk”project;
  • “Good Sleeping Dream” project.

Major Achievements

  • 2014 Guangzhou City Top 10 Charity Organizations;
  • 2014 Golden Award of Guangdong Province Volunteer Service Group;
  • 2014 Silver Award & Bronze Award of Guangdong Province Volunteer;
  • President Mr. Jinwen Li was elected as 2012 Guangzhou Top 10 Public Figures by Guangzhou Civic Enhancement Committee Office;
  • 2011 “One Student, One New Desk”project was awarded “1000 Public Welfare Projects” of the First Pearl River Public Welfare Festival;
  • 2010 “One Student, One New Desk”project was awarded “Foshan City Top 10 Excellent Volunteer Service Projects”;
  • 2008 Guangzhou City Volunteer Service Group, etc.

Major Funders

Guangdong Province Furui Group, Pingen Foundation, Ou’chu Cultural Education Foundation, Xiangjiang Foundation, Lin Meiqing Caring Foundation, McCormick Food Co.,Ltd, Shengjia Department Store Company.

Major Partners

Ou’chu Cultural Education Foundation, Alibaba “A Positive Influence” Group.