Green Jiangnan Public Environment Protection Center


Green Jiangnan


  • To contain sources of contamination through ground investigation;
  • Conserve energy and reduce pollution through supply chain management;
  • Monitor environmental law enforcement;
  • Disclose environmental information and advocate public participation.

Major Projects

  • June 2013, First Report of Green Securities(绿色证券): There Is Still a Long Way to Go for Liability Investment in the Cement Industry (;
  • August 2013, An Investigation Report on Heavy Metal Pollution in the IT Industry (;
  • The Third Report on Green Textile Industry: New Standard Is Testing Business Accountability.

Major Achievements

  • 2013 Protect the Mother River Award
  • 2014 Man of the Year in Water Resource Protection

Major Funders

SEE Foundation, Alibaba Foundation, SEE-GGF Jingcao Tongxing (劲草同行).

Major Partners

Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, Friends of Nature.


  • Experienced in field investigation and devoted to monitoring environmental law enforcement;
  • Encourage public participation;
  • Force businesses to shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection.