Mianyang Ivy Agricultural Development Service Center



To promote and professionalize the development of community care for the elderly, to protect their psychological and physical health, and to make their lives more colorful.

Major Projects

  • April 2010, Community Care “Empty-nest” Program
  • October 2010, Nursing Staff Training
  • August 2011, Community Day Care Center Program
  • October 2011, Nursing Home Chongyangjie (Double Ninth Festival) Program
  • February 2012, Elderly with Cataract Program

Major Achievements


Major Funders

Caritas Hong Kong, Shanghai Guang Qi Social Service Center(上海光启社会服务中心), MISEREOR Foundation, Jinde Charities (河北进德公益基金会)

Major Partners

Civil Affairs Bureau of Mianyang Peicheng District, Kechuang Yuanqu Community Neighborhood Committee, Caritas Hong Kong


We integrate social resources, import progressive ideas of community care from Hong Kong, collaborate with Mianyang Peicheng governments, and implement government-sponsored services.