Nanjing Facilitators Community Development Center


Nanjing Facilitators Community Development Center


To promote the societal integration of migrant worker communities, and to encourage innovative development among Chinese NGOs and social work organizations.

Major Projects

  • 2007, Community education services
  • 2007, Community mediation and consultation
  • 2007, Volunteer training
  • 2007, Public education and advocacy
  • 2007, Development and promotion of specialized social work

Major Achievements

  • 2008, "Top 100 Innovative NGOs," China Development Marketplace Project
  • August 2010, Second Prize, Nanjing Social Work Program
  • November 2010, Nanjing's Top Ten Community Service Projects

Major Funders

Ford Foundation, Jiangsu Charity Federation, World Bank, Give2Asia

Major Partners

Cultural Communication Center for Facilitators, Zhuhai Center for Social Work Facilitators, Nanjing Civil Affairs Bureau, Jianye District Civil Affairs Bureau, Nanjing colleges and universities, Nanjing migrant children's schools, some members of the mainstream media.


We are the first public interest organization in the Yangzi River Delta to provide migrant workers with social work services. We hope, through our specialized services in areas such as community development, capacity building, and educational advocacy, to cultivate the abilities of community residents (particularly migrant workers) to engage in community development, to promote the professionalization of social organizations, and to encourage the development of innovative social work models.