Non-Profit Incubator (NPI)


Non-Profit Incubator (NPI)


  • Regarding the industrial sector: To provide social innovators with an environment of supportive policies, abundant resources, complete services and a positive public opinion.
  • Regarding NPI itself: To become the “Social Innovation Engine” of China

Major Projects

  • April 2006 - Present, Non Profit Incubator
  • May 2008 - Present, Chengdu Nokia Sunshine Community Center
  • June 2009 - Present, Shanghai Community Venture Philanthropy
  • July 2010 - Present, Shanghai Social Innovation Park
  • March 2011 - NPO Projects Shenzhen Exhibition

Major Achievements

  • January 2009, Shanghai Charity Award
  • 2010, the 4th Charity Star Award of Shanghai

Major Funders

Narada Foundation, Ford Foundation

Major Partners

Narada Foundation, Ford Foundation, Intel China, Nokia China


Focusing on a variety of social issues, we use innovative resources to provide full support to NPOs at all levels and to promote widespread cooperation.