One Plus One Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Center


One Plus One Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Center


To take the perspective of the disabled, through providing support services such as specialized technology and management, achieving and innovating work models for the disabled, improving the integrated abilities of the disabled and organizations for self-help or assistance, optimizing societal resources, promoting societal acceptance of the disabled, improving disabled persons' quality of life, and promoting their sustainable development.

Major Projects

  • Legal: Focused on the promotion and operation of the Protection of Disabled Persons Law and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and on infringments against disabled persons' rights and the protection of their rights.
  • Information Services: Through broadcasting, internet, CD-ROMs, and consultation, we provided urban and rural impoverished disabled persons with legal, educational, medical, and psychological information services.
  • Education: We work to improve disabled persons' integration abilities, and explore and innovate the job-seeking methods which best suit disabled persons.
  • Public Advocacy: We have been able to reach the public through programs and art activities.

Major Achievements

We are a disabled persons' organization, as well as an independent media organization in the disabilities field. In these capacities, we have set many records: first blind-staffed broadcasting team, first disabled media to register for the Chinese Olympics and the Asia Games, and first online broadcast by disabled persons. In 2009, we joined the Internet Society of China, and we have received awards from the One Foundation, the YouChange Foundation, the Narada Foundation, and the Intel “Chip World” award.

Major Funders

ChinaVision, Save the Children, Handicap International

Major Partners

China Blind Persons' Association and local Blind Persons' Associations, Beijing Disabled Persons' Federation and other local Disabled Persons' Federations, China National Radio, Harvard Law School


We have 17 staff members, 90 percent of whom are disabled. Their average age is 26, and they all have college degrees or above.