Our Free Sky, OFS Volunteer Organization


Our Free Sky, OFS Volunteer Organization


When compassion becomes a habit, life becomes more beautiful.

Major Projects

  • Libraries
  • Scholarships
  • Educational Support
  • Training of teachers
  • Psychological Health Guidance

Major Achievements

  • 31 October 2009, One Foundation Potential Model Award
  • 2012, Annual “China Education Blue Book” included OFS’s Psychological Health Report of students and teachers in indigent areas of Western China

Major Funders


Major Partners

Beijing New Ganxian School, China Tomorrow Education Foundation, Narada Foundation, Xiamen Zhuoya Technology Company, Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Psychology Lab, CRI Online, Cui Yongyuan Foundation, One Foundation, Tencent Foundation, Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation, Blue Focus, Kangyun Foundation (Hong Kong), EMC


We recruit people to participate in supporting education, creating a comprehensive system that includes one-to-one tutoring, establishment of libraries, scholarships, psychology guide books, teacher training, etc. Thereby, we particularly emphasize children`s healthy development and maturation. The work of OFS relies on 80 part-time staffers.