Beijing Green Cross

Promote an environmentally conscious lifestyle in rural areas, to “make the countryside more like the countryside”.

Beijing Hongdandan Education and Culture Exchange Center

Helping those with visual disabilities to see the world.

Beijing Hui Ling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Promote forms of community service and improve the quality of life of mentally disabled persons.

Beijing Huizeren Volunteering Development Center

Utilizing professional volunteer services to promote social innovation and the development of public welfare institutions.

Beijing LGBT Center

Chinese citizens, no matter what their sexual preference or gender identity, all deserve to enjoy equal rights.

Beijing On Action International Cultural Center

Encouraging migrant workers to participate in community building, particularly in urban communities.

Beijing Rural Children’s Cultural Development Center

Promoting comprehensive development of the body and mind through effective educational methods.

Beijing Shifangyuan Public Welfare Foundation

To gather resources and support the spiritual care for terminally-ill.

Beijing Social Work Development Center for Facilitators

To promote the development of new education and improve Chinese educational innovation.

Beijing Stars and Rain

We provide professional training, help parents with autistic children to improve their parenting skills and promote the development of social services.