A Bridge for Children

Every child deserves a family and an education.

The Bridge Fund

To promote sustainable economic development, cultural heritage preservation and environmental conservation on the Tibetan Plateau.

Bridge to Asia

To support the modernization of higher education in developing countries in Asia…by providing books, journals and other materials to universities and research centres.

Canadian Co-operative Association CCA

To promote the growth and development of the co-operative sector for the economic and social betterment of communities and people in Canada and internationally…through the provision of three core services: co-operative development, government affairs and public policy, and providing a common table for members to come together around issues unique to them.

Care for Children

To relieve the hardship, distress and sickness of orphaned and abandoned children in Asia through the development of family-based care as an alternative to institutional care.

Caritas Hongkong

Caritas is essentially a movement of understanding and concern, of caring and service, of human development and solidarity. Its special attention is directed to the needs and aspirations of the underprivileged and the needy within the community.

Caritas Macau

To provide services to the individuals, families, communities and societies, to help them to live in the society in a more humane condition economically, morally and spiritually; to encourage them to be responsible towards their own life and activities; to enable them to build within their environment a community based on truth, justice, fraternity, freedom and peace.

The Carter Center

To prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy and improve health.

Ping and Amy Chao Family Foundation

Fostering a sustainable NGO ecosystem and philanthropic spirit among the next generation in East Asia.

Chi Heng Foundation (CHF)

To create a harmonious, equal and healthy society through projects to provide education sponsorship and promote AIDS prevention, care and anti-discrimination.