Wuhu Ecology Center

Providing services to NGOs, as well as to the general public, and promoting the development of “zero waste” in China. Improving environmental awareness and encouraging people to take action on environmental problems around them.

Wuhu Sunshine Love Association

Focus on children from poor families, committed to rural education development.

Xi Xiang Women’s Development Association

Use Chinese as well as overseas donations and financial funds, innovative financial means, and strict management rules to provide small loans for women in poverty and improve their incomes.

Xi’an Huiling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Promoting community service models and improving quality of life for the intellectually disabled.

Xiamen Green Cross Association

Promoting economical use of resources, recycling, participation, and environmental harmony. We believe that the development and strengthening of civil society is an important means of ensuring environmental protection.

Xian Beilin District La La Shou Special Education Center

Provide a variety of services for people with autism and intellectual disabilities; promote support and understanding within families and society.

Xiangzhou Love Autism Community

Help people living with autism live a normal life.

Xingeng Workshop

Invent “blood-building” projects aiming at poverty alleviation, using commercial forms of management to empower vulnerable groups and create working opportunities for them.

Xinhe Social Work Service Center of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

Warming every family with love and companionship.

Beijing Fengtai Xinyi Education Center

Using resources home and abroad, Xinyi Educational Center strives to promote the development of the disabled children’s support system, and to provide recovery training and build a teaching platform.