Changchun Xinyu Volunteer Association

Support social organizations and help the young and disabled.

Xinyue Handicapped Children’s Centre

Helping children with intellectual disabilities to integrate into normal life at an early stage by providing them with effective training.

Xinzheng Sunshine Health Center

Advocate equal rights and benefits for HIV/AIDS affected people.

Xishuangbanna Women and Children Counseling and Legal Aid Center

Decreasing and eradicating discrimination and injustice against women and children from marginalized minority communities, and helping these women and children to hav safe, equal, and comfortable lives.

The Yale-China Association

To promote mutual understanding between people of China and the United States through cultural and educational exchange in the fields of medicine, public health, American studies and English language instruction.

Yinghuo Education Aid Center

Improving education and promoting community development in the rural areas of southwest China.

Yingshang County Volunteers’ Association

Developing the field of public interest work, serving society and the public.

Yiwu Love Community

Improving the educational situation in impoverished communities in Western China, and establishing a harmonious society.

Yixing Team

Improving communities’ capacity for preventing, reducing, and managing disasters in Yunnan. Promoting the development of civil society through public welfare activities.

YIYUN (Philanthropy/Internet) Social Innovation Center

Converge Public Welfare, Accumulate Philanthropic Data, Support Social Innovation.