Beijing Yirenping Center

Offering education on disease prevention and health issues, helping patients, working to eliminate discrimination, and carrying out other forms of non-profit work

Beijing Zhongze Women’s Legal Consulting Services Center/ Beijing Qianqian Law Firm

We are devoted to the cause of preserving the rights of women, offering an independent and innovative approach to addressing the difficulties facing Chinese women.

The Blacksmith Institute

Solving Pollution Problems, Saving Lives

Blue Dalian

Protecting the ecological environment of Dalian communities.

Blue Dolphin Special Education Center

Education and research on autistic and intellectually challenged children, working to improve evaluation systems and rehabilitation training methods for autistic and intellectually challenged children, so that special needs children can enjoy the same level of education as their counterparts.

Blue Moon Fund

To improve the human condition by changing the relationship between consumption and the natural world.

BN Vocational School

Providing standardized, professional education for the children of impoverished families.

Botou Green Student Aid

Promote charity work, and encourage more people to participate in philanthropy.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Nurture the Young, Create the Future

Braille Without Borders

Integration and acceptance of blind people into/by their surrounding society