Chengdu N-Zone

Believe in all-round education and develop students’ ability to see the world, know the world and get involved in the world.

Chengdu Shuguang Community Development Capacity-Building Center

Promoting the concept of “united collaboration, together building a harmonious home” to achieve sustainable development.

Chengdu Tongle Health Counseling Service Center

Responding to health crises such as AIDS, developing gay culture, and advancing gay rights.  

Chengdu Yitiangongyi Social Work Service

Developing public service into an everyday habit.

Cherished Dream Foundation

Focusing on the quality of rural education, helping children to mature in a self-confident, respectable and pleasant way.

Children’s Village under Shaanxi Research Association

Help children to regain their smiles and enjoy happy childhoods.

China Alliance Of PLWHA

Connect people in China living with HIV/AIDS and improve their living standards and quality of life.

China Foundation Center

Establishing an information disclosure platform for foundations, providing the necessary capacity-building services for the development of the industry, promoting the formation of industry self-regulating mechanisms and enhancing public credibility, cultivating a positive, transparent public interest culture.

China Global Fund Watch Initiative

We promote the development of Chinese civil society through the establishment of partnerships between national and international NGOs, governmental organizations, scholars, and companies, through addressing societal issues of widespread concern, and through advocacy of good governance and public participation.

China HIV/AIDS Information Network (CHAIN)

Enabling information sharing and communication through the establishment of an open information exchange platform for AIDS, and encouraging all members of Chinese society to participate in AIDS prevention work.