Botou Green Student Aid

Promote charity work, and encourage more people to participate in philanthropy.

The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

Nurture the Young, Create the Future

Braille Without Borders

Integration and acceptance of blind people into/by their surrounding society

A Bridge for Children

Every child deserves a family and an education.

The Bridge Fund

To promote sustainable economic development, cultural heritage preservation and environmental conservation on the Tibetan Plateau.

Bridge to Asia

To support the modernization of higher education in developing countries in Asia…by providing books, journals and other materials to universities and research centres.

Canadian Co-operative Association CCA

To promote the growth and development of the co-operative sector for the economic and social betterment of communities and people in Canada and internationally…through the provision of three core services: co-operative development, government affairs and public policy, and providing a common table for members to come together around issues unique to them.

Dongguan Candlelight Welfare Service Center

Promote philanthropic activities and encourage everyone to participate.

Fighting for the cause of persons with disabilities.

Capacity Building and Assessment Center

Using the resources from a widespread international collaborative network to allow the full utilization of local talent. Providing continuous, multi-level services to meet the special needs of organizations in different stages of development, in order to promote the continued development of the social services industry.