Care for Children

To relieve the hardship, distress and sickness of orphaned and abandoned children in Asia through the development of family-based care as an alternative to institutional care.

Caritas Hongkong

Caritas is essentially a movement of understanding and concern, of caring and service, of human development and solidarity. Its special attention is directed to the needs and aspirations of the underprivileged and the needy within the community.

Caritas Macau

To provide services to the individuals, families, communities and societies, to help them to live in the society in a more humane condition economically, morally and spiritually; to encourage them to be responsible towards their own life and activities; to enable them to build within their environment a community based on truth, justice, fraternity, freedom and peace.

The Carter Center

To prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy and improve health.

Catholic Love Services of the Diocese of Wanzhou, Chongqing

Universal love and dedication—to practice universal love and provide services.

Center for Environment Development and Poverty Alleviation

Improving the conditions of farmers' livelihoods, and promoting the sustainable development of rural communities' economies.

Center for Legal Assistance to Pollution Victims

Popularizing environmental law knowledge, improving public awareness of environmental rights, strengthening environmental law enforcement and judicial capacity, promoting environmental public interest lawsuits, improving environmental legislation, and promoting the implementation of environmental law.

Center for Protection of Rights of Disadvantaged Citizens

Providing free legal aid services for disadvantaged groups and managing public interest lawsuits, in order to protect the rights of disadvantaged groups and promote social equality and justice. Through innovative legal education models, organizing the front line of legal research and promoting the improvement of national policies and Chinese law.

Center of Consultation for Farmers’ Associations

We are committed to exploring an ecologically sustainable, viable path for modern agricultural development. We hope to achieve this through legislation advocacy and supporting a new township agricultural association (united rural cooperative).

Centre of Self-Help Services for the Disabled (CSS)

Provide consulting services for vulnerable groups and promote their capacity building.