Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center


Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center


To collect, disseminate, and develop ecological alternatives to chemical pesticides, to eleminate pesticide pollution, to promote the development of ecological agriculture and organic agriculture, to protect human and environmental health, and to promote sustainable social and economic development.

Major Projects

  • Ecological Agriculture Practice and Research: Community-based eco-alternative strategy and coordination of the ecological market and traditional agricultural resources
  • Online Education: “Animal Safety” and “Environment and Health,” Popular science education platform, and 6th Dimension: Environment and Health (

Major Achievements

  • February 2010, was awarded the title of "National Advanced Social Organization"
  • Papers Published: “Preliminary Study on the Effect of Mosquito Coils on Human Health,” “Assessment Profile on the Risk of Pesticide Use on Domestic and International Health,” “Preliminary Exploration of Individual Protective Behavior and Risks in Small-Scale Farmers' Pesticide Use,” “Phototactic behaviour in Aphidius gifuensis (Hymenoptera:Braconidae)”


We promote the governmental improvement of highly toxic and hazardous chemical pesticides, we raise awareness of the risks of chemical pesticides and work to improve the community pesticide monitoring capabilities, we promote the advancement of community-based pest management and technology, and we encourage the development of eco-agriculture.