Ruili Women and Children Development Center


Ruili Women and Children Development Center


To enhance the lives and opportunities of children and women living in border areas.

Major Projects

  • AIDS prevention and care Project (including reducing sex workers`vulnerability to HIV/AIDS)
  • Project targeting young males who do not attend school, working to improve their capabilities
  • Established a HIV mutual aid network
  • Project aimed at reducing the impacts of HIV/AIDS on construction workers
  • Protection of Children: Prevention of Juvenile Crimes and Judicial Protection Project
  • Child Development: Vulnerable Rural Children Early Education and Development Service

Major Achievements

  • 2005, Civil Affairs Ministry and Yunnan Civil Affairs Bureau: “Civil Non-Enterprise Unit Self-discipline Credential Outstanding Organization”
  • 2010, First “China Social Innovation” Award
  • 2010, finalist for First “Merchant Bureau Poverty Alleviation Innovation” Award
  • 2010, Global Fund for Children “Model Collaboration” Organization

Major Funders

Save the Children UK, Global Fund for Children, Oxfam Hong Kong, Geneva Global, Global Fund, World Bank (The Second Market), International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Major Partners

Ruili Municipal Government, Ruili Construction Bureau, Ruili Health Bureau, Ruili Epidemic Prevention Station, Ruili Education Bureau, Mengmao Government, Municipal Kindergarten, the Village Committee


We work with multi-ethnical communities in border areas, collaborating with local governments. We hold community advocacy education, educate our partners, and provide psychological help and personal development activities. We are also engaged in policy advocacy.