Rural Reconstruction Centre of Renmin University



People's livelihoods as our center, collaboration as our guiding principle, and diversification as our root.

Major Projects

  • Integrated rural development and test area construction
  • Rural Construction Personnel Training
  • Fair Trade Advocacy and Co-ordinating Urban and Rural “Green” Initiatives
  • General Education
  • Forums and International Collaboration, Research and Publication.
  • Major Achievements and Awards
  • 2003, Program Director Tiejun Wen received “CCTV Annual Economic Player”
  • 2006, “China Environmental Embassador”

Major Funders

China Resources Co. (华润集团), Zhenro Public Welfare (正荣公益), United Nations Development Programme, Community Partners, Oxfam HK (乐施会)

Major Partners

Lingnan University Qunfang Research Center (香港岭南大学群芳研究中心), Arena


Our work is lead by intellectuals and university students, and encourages participation at all levels of society, integrating with grassroots and local culture. We promote social experiments in urban-rural harmony, in order to ease the urban-rural tension and rural decline resulting from rapid industrialization. We rely on gradual reforms as our tactics, such as “organizational innovation, systemic innovation.”