Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club


Shanghai Cancer Recovery Club


To enhance patients’ confidence in their recovery through methods of group therapy, so that after their recovery they can become volunteers and help other cancer patients. Our motto: “Don't ask what society can give to us; ask what we can give to society.”

Major Projects

  • Psychological and medical health education seminars
  • Reports on famous cancer patients, “same illness” exchanges
  • Recovery Travel, “Rebirth” Celebrations
  • Literary Clubs, Summer Camps
  • China Rare Disease Network
  • Condolences to Critically Ill Patients

Major Achievements

  • Shanghai Volunteer Outstanding Group
  • Shanghai Civilized Unit
  • Shanghai Philanthropy Award
  • Shanghai 2010 Lifelong Activity Excellence Award
  • Shanghai by consumers among the top one hundred National Integrity Institutions

Major Funders

Shanghai Charitable Foundation (上海市慈善基金会)


We founded the Shanghai Cancer Recovery School, where we carry out cancer recovery education, providing recovery knowledge and tactics, encouragement, and assistance with societal reintegration for cancer patients who have completed their hospital treatment.