Shanghai Puki Coordination Agency for the Deaf


Shanghai Puki Coordination Agency for the Deaf


  • Puki’s goal is to train deaf graduates and provide internships for them. This is how we not only create better job opportunities for graphic deaf designers but also overcome the communication barrier between deaf and hearing people. This project is called The 1 by 1 Internship Plan.
  • In Puki branding and design we work with deaf and hearing designers. They provide high-quality design services to (inter)national companies, public institutions and NGO’s. As a Chinese social enterprise our clients enjoy our innate knowledge of the Chinese marketplace. They also immediately support our philanthropic endeavors.
  • Thanks to these core competences we already found a sustainable work environment for 42% of the deaf graduates who we worked with in the past. Please contact us if you want to help deaf students to catch their dreams in ways you think possible.

Major Projects

  • 2010 – Present, 1+1 Internship Program, providing an internship environment that enables deaf people to enter the mainstream job market.
  • 2009 – Present, Puki Branding and Design. Puki operates as a full service branding and design agency for organizations from different sectors.
  • 2012 – Present, Puki New Harmony improves the communication between deaf and hearing through vocalizing artistically which they call “Speak out by art”. These events are not only fun but they create better understandings.

Major Achievements

  • 2010 Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group Co., Ltd.(北京中坤集团)
  • 2011 Intel “New World” Innovation Award for Non-profits Collaboration Award
  • 2012 Shanghai Charity Award by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau
  • 2012 “For a better China” Award, by the Ministry of Civil Affairs
  • 2012 China Charity Fair Award, by China Charity Fair

Major Funders

Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group Co., Ltd.(北京中坤集团), Shanghai Longtime Information Technology Co., Ltd. (上海龙泰信息技术有限公司), Shanghai Storm Entertainment

Major Partners

NPI Initiative, Shanghai United Foundation, Tencent Foundation, Shanghai Taomee Network & Technology Co. Ltd. (上海淘米网络科技有限公司), Shanghai 9 City Computer Technology Consulting Co., Ltd. (上海市第九城市计算机技术咨询有限公司), Shanghai 30 wish Information Security Limited (上海三零卫视信息安全有限公司), Shanghai Storm Information Technology Co., Ltd. (上海暴雨信息科技有限公司), Shanghai Longtai Information Technology Co., Ltd. (上海市龙泰信息科技有限公司), POP (Global) Fashion Network (POP(全球)时尚网络机构), Shanghai Xuhui Part-time College.


Puki is one of the few nonprofits that generate its own revenues to complete their mission. Our focus lies with our philanthropic endeavors and our creative graphic designs. We promote the development of public welfare in Shanghai and China through individual development.