The Chongqing Green Volunteer League


Chongqing Green Volunteer League


To gather all members of society to protect the environment, advocate “green civilization,” carry out environmental protection activities, and promote the sustainable development of society and the economy in Western China.

Major Projects

  • “Yangtze Health Action,” protecting the water resources, water environment, and biodiversity of the Yangtze and the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
  • Environmental Legal Services, establishing and strengthening environmental legal service mechanisms, strengthening environmental legal service capacity building, promoting environmental collective law suits, and strengthening public participation in environmental protection.
  • Environmental Protection Social Promotion, promoting new technologies, education and training, and promoting concepts of a “green economy,” “low carbon lifestyles,” and a “two-model society.”

Major Achievements

2006, Chonqing Civil Affairs Bureau, “Chongqing 15 Period Environmental Protection Advanced Group,” and “National Community Volunteer Advanced Unit”


We are the government's friend, partner, officer, and assistant; we are the government's connection to the people. We work to advance dialoguing and collaboration in the field of environmental protection between the government, the public, and enterprise.