The Ninth World


Ninth World


Care, support, action, sincerity.

Major Projects

  • October 2005 – February 2006, “If You Have Love, You Have Hope, If You Have Books, You Have Dreams: Go Through Your Books to Help Make A Library For Poor Children” Activity
  • May 2006 – Present, In collaboration with the Zhejiang Education Publishing House, held the “Love Relay- It's Only the Distance of One Book” Activity
  • May 2007 – Present, Organized 18 volunteers to visit Guizhou Schools
  • 2007, Ninth World Rural Library

Major Achievements

A2009, Hangzhou International Marathon Charity Partner


We are a pure folk nonprofit organization, self-organized without any political and religious overtones; our funds are used only in supporting education, health care, and basic life necessities in poor rural areas of education; we offer verification through non-governmental channels based on official sources, so as to ensure authenticity and reliability.