Will Gathering Disaster Mitigation Centre


Will Gathering Disaster Mitigation Centre


To converge community abilities, in order to develop mechanisms for community disaster management.

Major Projects

  • 2008, Songtao Snowstorm Relief Project
  • 2009, Hezhang County Zhijie Village Emergency Flood Relief Project
  • 2009, Libo County NGO Alliance Flood Relief Project
  • 2010, Dushan County Shangsi Village
  • 2011, Cehang County Emergency Drought Relief Project

Major Funders

Oxfam HK (香港乐施会), YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (友成企业家扶贫基金会), Narada Foundation (南都基金会), Shenzhen One Foundation (深圳壹基金公益基金会)

Major Partners

The Youth From Red Cross (贵州意气风发红十字会), Hezhang County Poverty Alleviation Office, Songtao County Civil Affairs Bureau, Cehang County Red Cross


We are committed to promoting community disaster mitigation and prevention work, encouraging community organizations and people's organization to collaborate in order to increase the capacity of all forms of disaster and community crisis aid, and to reduce the vulnerability of communities and societies to disasters.