Wuhu Sunshine Love Association


Wuhu Sunshine Love Association


Sunshine Love Association supports children from poor families and gives them equal access to education so that we can better develop rural education.

Major Projects

  • Support Rural Education, 2007 to present
  • Care about Orphan, 2014 to present
  • Love Saving, 2013 to present
  • Sunshine Children (campus safety), 2016 to present

Major Achievements

  • 2011 we received the title of Wuhu “Top Ten Daily Heroes” .
  • 2013 we received the Anhui “Thank Volunteers in Jianghuai Region” award
  • 2013 we joined the Anhui Online Group under the One Foundation
  • 2015 We received “Creative Project” prize and “Experience Share” prize from One foundation.
  • 2015 Care about Orphan project received the second prize of the Nation Volunteer Service Contest

Major Funders

Anhui Civil Affairs Department, Wuhu Civil Affairs Agencies, Gejiang Civil Affairs Agencies, Shenzhen One Foudation, Anhui Yihe Philanthropic Service Development Center.

Major Partners

Shenzhen One Foundation, Anhui Yihe Philanthropic Service Development Center.


Wuhu Sunshine Love Association is a grass-root organization supported by crowd-funding, major foundations, and government agencies. Most of our members are volunteers from social groups and the general public. We want to focus on rural education development and education for poor families.