Xingeng Workshop


Xingeng Workshop


We hope all vulnerable people will not be frightened by the difficulties they are facing, maintain an optimistic attitude about life, and create respectable lives for themselves.

Major Projects

  • 2008, Henan Family Handicraft Workshop: organize and train rural women to participate in manufacture
  • 2009, “Zi Yu Zi Le”(自渔自乐) Workshop for People with disabilities: sewing and other handicraft skills training courses
  • 2001, Shanghai Jingan District Caojiadu Street “Zi Yu Zi Le” Handmade Soap Workshop
  • 2009, Love Sunshine Community Voluntary Service Project (爱满阳光社区志愿者服务项目), a corporate volunteer handicraft workshop
  • 2011, Coffee grounds recycling and green edible fungus planting

Major Achievements

  • 2007, Shanghai Pudong New District Ten Outstanding Voluntary Organization
  • 2009, One Foundation Potential Model Award
  • 2009 & 2010, Youchange Outstanding Social Cooperation Award, New Public Welfare Development Potential Award (新公益发展潜力奖)
  • 2012,Intel “New World” Innovation Award, Low-carbon Practice Award
  • 2012, Narada Foundation Social Cooperation Self Breakthrough Award (南都社会企业自我突破奖)


We create equal opportunities for the impoverished and bring them spiritual fulfillment and respect. We also focus on improving the community environment. We use methods of social innovation to create win-win situations between social and economic benefits. We also offer training courses on manufacturing and commerce for vulnerable groups, which will enable a greater number of community public welfare projects.