Xinhe Social Work Service Center of Yuexiu District, Guangzhou


Xinhe Social Work Service Center


Take root in the community, and strive to be professional and people-oriented with the ultimate goal of a harmonious society.

Major Projects

  • Jan.2012-Aug.2014, Day care for senior citizens in Foshan;
  • Nov.2012, House renovation for old people who lived alone in Tianhe District, Guangzhou;
  • May 2013-May 2014, Mama Home-baking Program sponsored by Guangdong Provincial Government, Women’s Federation and Lijiacheng Foundation;
  • Mar.2014, Local Gardening Therapy Project with Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai;
  • Oct.2014-Dec.2016, Psychological Rehabilitation Center Project in Zhuhai, Guangzhou.

Major Funders

Administrative Office of Zumiao Street, Chancheng District of Foshan, Jisi Charity (集思公益), Guangzhou Disabled Persons Federation, Guangdong Harmony Foundation.

Major Partners

Community Service Center of Yuexiu District, Disabled Persons Federation of Haizhu District, The Research Center for Psychology of the Heart, Neurology committee of the People’s Liberation Army(全军神经内科专业分会), Beijing Normal University(Zhuhai).