Beijing Fengtai Xinyi Education Center


Xinyi Education Center


To promote disabled children’s full integration into society.

Major Projects

  • 2012.04.02 “You Are Not Alone” —to get more attention for autisticc children;
  • 2012.05.20 One—day Tour for autistic families in the world park;
  • 2013.03.29 Flash mob in wangfujing—to get more attention for autistic children;
  • 2013.07.14 Parents-autistic children sports meeting in Tiantan Park;
  • 2013.01.18 Free classes for autistic children(Providing dancing and art lessons for the disabled children).

Major Achievements

  • ACEI Experimental Center of Sensory Integration Education;
  • Favorite Brand among Women and Children;
  • Top 10 Most Influential Organization for the Education of Children.

Major Funders

“Shanju Charity” TV Fundraising, Cernet Security, Lipoid Foundation(Germany) Beijing Office, DHL China

Major Partners

Beijing Fengtai Federation of the Disabled, Lipoid Foundation(Germany) Beijing Office, Beijing Social Work Committee, Beijing Fengtai Children’s Palace


Teacher training and Cooperation with other organizations.