Changchun Xinyu Volunteer Association


Xinyu Volunteer Association


  • To help social organizations with their capacity building;
  • To assist more children born in underprivileged family and people living with disabilities.

Major Projects

  • Xinyu Student Aid: mobilize college students to support impoverished middle and primary school students;
  • Sunshine Companionship:partner single-parent children with college students, and create a favorable environment for the younger generation by improving communications between parents and teachers and by hosting events such as mental health seminars;
  • Xinyu Arts: encourage disabled people to start their own businesses, and provide financial assistance by purchasing their products.

Major Achievements

  • April 2014, “Outstanding Group Devoted to Helping the Disabled” by China Disabled Person’s Federation;
  • Jan.2009, “2008 Jilin Philanthropic Model” by Jilin provincial government;
  • Dec.2008, “Outstanding Social Organization” by Changchun Municipal Government;
  • Oct. 2008, chosen as the “Outstanding National Institute” at the National Conference of Association of Social Sciences.

Major Funders

Misereor, Narada Foundation, Private donations.

Major Partners

Communist Youth League of Jilin, Communist Youth League of Changchun, Disabled Person’s Federation of Changchun.