Xishuangbanna Women and Children Counseling and Legal Aid Center


Major Projects

Psychological, legal, and health case aid, hotline consultation services; legal aid work model for dealing with regional and minority characteristics; first women and children's rights organization in the Southwest; platform for legal workers, doctors, educators, and minorities; advocacy for women and children; research and investigations; network construction and training for network personnel

Major Achievements

  • May 2001, Founder named by Central Propaganda Department and Ministry of Justice as “3.5 Law Popularization Advanced Individual”
  • May 2005, Founder named as one of 108 “Peaceful Women” in the “Sexual Rights, Anti-family Violence and Peace- 1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize Workshop”
  • February 2006, Yunnan Civil Affairs Bureau, “Self-Regulation and Integrity Construction Activity Advanced Unit”
  • September 2006, Yunnan Women's Federation, “3.8 Red Flag Team”
  • March 2010, Founder named by All-China Women's Federation as “National Women and Children's Rights Protection Advanced Individual”

Major Funders

Save the Children, Ford Foundation

Major Partners

All levels of Women's Federations, all levels of Justice Bureaux, Ministry of Education, Public Safety Bureau, a number of community organizations and schools


We focus on improving institutional credibility, promoting volunteer participation, and carrying out development work for minority women and children, in order to improve their self-protection awareness and ability.