Yinghuo Education Aid Center


Yinghuo Education Aid Center


To promote sustainable development and forms of socialist education in rural areas.

Major Projects

  • 2005 - Present, One-to-one financial help for students from low-income families
  • 2005 - Present, "University Students Supporting Education during Holidays" Project
  • 2007 - Present, “Cheer Up Love Playground”-Project (加油爱心操场)
  • 2011 - Present, “Special Reading Room” Library project

Major Achievements

2008, China Voluntary Service Project Award

Major Funders

Xinping Foudation, Tencent Foundation, Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation

Major Partners

TaoBao (淘宝网), Shanghai United Foundation (上海公益事业发展基金会), Tencent Public Welfare (腾讯公益网),Hong Kong Hope Charity Foundation, Chengdu Emergency Rescue Command Center (成都紧急救援指挥中心)


Our main tasks are providing financial help to students from low-income families, holding winter and summer camps for migrant children, building libraries and playgrounds, providing scholarships, organizing supportive education for university students, promoting the idea of public welfare in cities, and holding capacity-building projects and emergency rescue activities for university students.