Yiwu Love Community


Yiwu Love Community


We have always had a spirit of focusing on volunteer contributions, friendship, mutual aid, and advancement. Our goal is to help the needy, relay love, and happily contribute to society.

Major Projects

  • “Floating Schoolbag” Project
  • Summer Camp
  • One-on-One Poor Student Partnership
  • Library, School Supplies, and Sporting Goods Elementary School Donations
  • Environment Protection and Elderly Care Activities
  • Major Achievements and Awards

Major Achievements

  • “Yiwu Outstanding Volunteer Service Collective,” “Jinhua Outstanding Volunteer Service Collective,” “Jinhua Youth Civilization”
  • In 2011, we received the Zhejiang Civil Affairs Bureau's “Zhejiang Charity Award,” and Director Yunfeng Zhao was named “Zhejiang Top Ten Charity Star”

Major Partners

Chouzhou Commercial Bank Basketball Team, Jiangdongyu Logistics Co., Zhejiang Logistics Co.


We relied on goods, distribution and staff from over 1,000 merchants to carry out our “Floating Schoolbag” Project, and we organized over 1,000 volunteer pairings through our volunteer projects in Western China.