Yixing Team


Yixing Team

Major Projects

  • Disaster Management Capacity Building:
  • August 2011-December 2012, Established and supported Yunnan Disaster Management Activity Network
  • 2008 - Present, Volunteers’ disaster management and general management skills training courses
  • Communities Development and Disaster Reduction Program:
  • April 2011- May 2012, Implemented Oxfam Funded Program: Binchuan Earthquake Program
  • July 2011- August 2012, Implemented Narada Foundation Funded Program: Malong Flood and Drought
  • November 2011 - March 2012, Implemented Southwest Ice Storm Warm Package Action, funded by the One Foundation
  • September 2011 - Present, Yunnan Drought Response Action

Major Achievements

  • 2010, Malong Outstanding Emergency Aid Team
  • August 2010, Kunming Municipal Publicity Department and Kunming TV Station selected as “Kunming Benefactor”
  • December 2011, Yunnan Outstanding Volunteer Team awarded by Yunnan Volunteer Association
  • January 2012, selected as a finalist for the One Foundation Civil Disaster Relief Award
  • Major Funders
  • Narada Foundation, Oxfam, One Foundation, Yunnan Youth Development Foundation

Major Partners

Yunnan University Volunteer Association (云南高校志愿者联合团队), Yunnan Youth Development Foundation, Oxfam Hong Kong, Kunming Grassroots Public Welfare Supporting Center(昆明草根公益支持中心), Huaxia Public Welfare Website(华夏公益公益网站),UR, Narada Foundation, Youchange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, Green Watershed, Yunnan Dizhou Volunteer Partner(云南地州志愿者伙伴)


We work to improve communities' response capacity for disasters and increase organizations' disaster management capabilities. We foster communities' disaster prevention and management capacity through participation-based training.