YIYUN (Philanthropy/Internet) Social Innovation Center


YIYUN Social Innovation Center


Expand the productive forces of philanthropic and social innovation by information technology.

Major Projects

  • Open Platform: In the year of 2012, the first professional public-interest AD alliance called YIBO went online in China.
  • In 2013, YIYUN MAP, the first socialized crowdsourcing map in China went online, which could be applied in every area that based on geographic location;
  • Customized Development: Develop network systems for almost 50 commonweal organizations, foundations and social enterprise with thoughtful and professional services;
  • Training Salon: To help people who devoted to commonweal by improving their IT thinking,thought IT skills, and internet transmission capacity through organizing training salon, such as New Media Training Camp, Humor Communication Workshop etc;
  • Commonweal Communication Contest: Sponsored “2014 RenRen & YIBO Commonweal Advertisement Designing Contest” with RenRen network. Having solicit many advertisement works for 10 philanthropic projects.

Major Achievements

  • YIBO AD Alliance has publishedpropagated more than 3,000 ads circulatedshown up to 1 billion times for about 300 commonweal organizations;
  • In January 2015, YIYUN Map was been awarded “United Nations Development Programme China Special Award – China Social Innovation Award 2014-2015” and “The Third China Social Innovation Award – Winner Award”;
  • In October 2014, YIYUN Map was awarded “Capital Youth Entrepreneurship Competition – Top Ten of the Internet Group”;
  • In September 2014, YIYUN was awarded “Special Award” in the Third China Public Welfare Project Contest;
  • In September 2014, YIYUN Map was awarded the Top Ten of China Governance Innovation in the National Governance Summit Forum;
  • In March 2013, YIBO AD Alliance was awarded XINHU Social Enterprise Innovation Award.

Major Partners

Baidu, Bing, Kingsoft, NetEase, Sogou, RenRen Inc, UCloud, China Social Assistance Foundation, YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation, YU Foundation, Cultural and Education Section British Embassy, China Welfare Institute, Friends of Nature, Yinongdai, Zhongchou.cn, ect.


  • Established in 2010,Yiyun Social Innovation Center is a social enterprise committed to promoting public welfare and social innovation via Internet, and providing solutions through Internet information technology.
  • Yiyun has rich experience in public welfare and social innovation area, and has successfully developed its own internet products for public welfare.