Yothok Yonden Gonpo Medical Association


Yothok Yonden Gonpo Medical Association


To protect traditional culture, while developing the culture industry. To provide occupational training, and promote work opportunities for the common people. To provide medical treatment and resources, and resolve difficulties in seeking medical treatment. To utilize natural resources, while preserving an ecological balance.

Major Projects

  • 1980s - Present, Tibetan Minority Traditional Handicraft Art Project
  • 1980s - Present, Community Medical Treatment Training Project
  • 2002 - Present, Ecological Tourism Project
  • 2008 - 2018, "Library in the Clouds" Project
  • 2010 - Present, Western China Grassroots Organization Capacity Building Project

Major Achievements

  • 2005, Sichuan Ganzi Prefecture Environmental "Green Khatagh Award"
  • 2008, Tibetan "Sustainable Development Award" (World Bank, Ministry of Civil Affairs)
  • 2011, First Shangrila Ethnic Cultural Products Forum "Best Artistry Award"

Major Funders

Winrock International Institution for Agricultural Development, Misereor Foundation, Canada Foundation, World Bank

Major Partners

Dege District People's Government, Dege District Bureau of Public Health, Danba Educational Development Promotional Society (丹巴教育发展促进会), Lhasa Baici Tibetan Texts Department (拉萨百慈藏文古籍研究室)


We have a Tibetan, Chinese, and English language work environment. Our organizational background and values imbue us with a unique ability to gain support for collective action, and we follow the innovative path of combining public service and industry.