Yu Foundation


Yu Foundation

Guangdong Yu Foundation, established on August 6, 2012, is a grant-making foundation with a focus on encouraging the participation of the youth in public welfare activities. We support public welfare undertakings operated by young teams with the average age of team members under 28, or projects that promote such undertakings.


The more we do for others, the more we gain; the more we give to others, the more we have.

Major Projects

  • 1. Young People Public Interest Project: Since 2013, we have supported students or young people who are under 28 to start their own public interest projects, for which the running period should be at least three months.
  • 2. Young People Incubator Project: Since 2013, we support projects that aim to spread the idea of public interests among young people and projects that commit to public capacity building trainings, seminars, forums, and workshops for the non-profit sector.
  • 3. Cooperation Project: Since 2013, we have been cooperating with several NGOs, universities, research centers to support young people for their work in the non-profit sector.
  • 4. Individual projects: The "YU Yi platform", "YU CAMP volunteer project officials plan", "YU Mentor Program", "YU young people Scholarship", "YU internship program", "YU news reporter group "projects.

Major Achievements

  • 1. From January 2013 to May 2016, we funded 152 Young People Public Interest Projects and 69 Young People Incubator Projects and we started 15 individual projects and 89 cooperation projects in 21 provinces in China. We spent 7,800,000RMB in funding in total
  • 2.Ranked first in the Transparency Index (FIT) in 2013 and 2014. Ranked 14 in Chinese Domestic Foundations in 2015.
  • 3.Recieved Best Community Foundation in 2014 and Super Aiguo Award from HeiPingGuo.
  • 4.Received “Business Club” prize from Enactus China in 2015

Major Funders

Yu’s Founders Luan Xiaohua Couple

Major Partners

Enactus、Rice Donate、AIESEC、Guangdong University of Foreign Studies、South China Normal University、The Youthink Center、CYCAN、Pixelite


Yu Foundation created Yu Yi, an Internet platform that provides a one-stop, holistic solution to participate in non-profit activities for young people. It can operate on PCs, smart phones and Wechat.