Yunnan EcoNetwork


Yunnan EcoNetwork


To enhance public awareness and scientific knowledge through popularization of science and environmental education.

Major Projects

  • Major Projects and Activities
  • Scientific knowledge popularization and environmental protection education
  • Domestic and international internships
  • Domestic and foreign teacher-student activities
  • Alternative livelihood strategies and technology consulting services
  • “Low-Carbon Travel”

Major Achievements

  • 2009, Lijiang City Youth Science Education Base (Lijiang City Association for Science and Technology)
  • 2009, La City Ecological Protection and Energy Promotion Station (Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), UNEP)
  • 2009, National Small Working Committee of Environmental Protection Screenplay Award
  • 2010, Communist Youth League Central Outstanding Organization Award
  • 2011, Yunnan Province Popularization of Science Education Base (Yunnan Provincial People's Government)
  • 2011, Yunnan Province Environmental Education Base (Yunnan Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Provincial Department of Education, Provincial Housing Department)

Major Funders


Major Partners

China Energy Research Society (昆明能源研究会), Lijiang City Association for Science / Technology Bureau, Lashihai Wetland Nature Reserve Authority, Cornell University College Of Agriculture and Life Sciences


We have international-scale goals to increase environmental protection awareness and scientific popularization, and to develop knowledge and technology.