2017 Zhenjiang Global Low Carbon Conference+Expo


2017 Zhenjiang Global Low Carbon Conference+Expo

The 2017 Zhenjiang Global Low Carbon Conference+Expo will be held in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, September 26th-28th, when more than 3,000 delegates from governmentindustrytechnologyfinance and investmentinnovationcities and regionsresearch and think-tanks around the country and the world will get together to share experience and information, build up collaboration and partnerships, and drive low carbon solutions in industry, transportation, buildings, energy, infrastructure and services.

Zhenjiang Global Low Carbon Expo, kicked off 2016, is becoming the global gateway to China’s low carbon market opportunity.

TECONET led the design of the platform last year and continues to provide technical support for the Expo’17. We manage four themed spaces at the Expo:

·      Future Energy

·      Circular Economy

·      Environmental Security

·      Intelligence+

Top Runners of tech innovation will be recognized at the Tech shows, match-makings will be organized for leading innovators with industries, investors, cities and regions, and other resources, and field trips will be conducted for innovators and investors to see and feel the market pulse. The goal and objective is simply to deploy and scale up.

TECONET leads the organization of five country- and region-themed pavilions to enhance cross-border regional collaboration for low carbon transformation. The targeted candidates are:

·      United States of America

·      Victoria of Australia

·      Italy

·      Japan

·      Nordic countries

Please come and join us! And be part of China and global clean revolution.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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