2019 Model Foundation of Philanthropy in Motion (PIM)


There are some problems that we can solve with straightforward solutions. But there are many problems – global warming, refugee migration, rising inequality – that are so complex that solutions sometimes seem impossible. From risk-taking investors and CEOs, to social entrepreneurs or non-profit founders, tomorrow’s leaders will be social innovators equipped to tackle world-scale problems with novel approaches.

Immerse yourself in a complex social issue and apply rigorous frameworks to evaluate what makes an effective solution. Gain a systems approach toolkit through workshops with experts, building cross-sector skills as a social innovator.

Your collective challenge: decide on a strategy that would best leverage $20,000 USD to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

When: July 14 – July 19, 2019

Where: Yale Center Beijing

Theme: Effective philanthropy, systems thinking and social innovation

Program Structure: Please refer to the Program Booklet from last year

Course Tuition: USD $1,500; RMB ¥10,100


What you do

Advanced course: 

PIM’s rigorous curriculum comes from leading impact experts at +Acumen and Oxford’s Said Business School. Gain insight into systems thinking, effective philanthropy and social innovation.

Site visits and due diligence:

Investigate innovative organizations, social enterprises and charitable foundations to understand the social innovation process.

Professional skills:

Strengthen your leadership, system thinking and innovation through training, teamwork and project practice.

What you gain

Exceptional golbal community:

Join our global community of young leaders (including the United Nations, Forbes, World Economic Forum and other outstanding youth organizations) to find mentors and companions who share a mission for social impact.

Create value:

Manage a fund of $20,000 and collectively decide how to allocate it to a portfolio of high-potential of social ventures.

Social impact certificate:

Earn a certificate recognizing your skills, training and potential for making impact as a Grantmaking Committee Officer of Model Foundation.


Our participants come from top universities and companies around the world. While you do not need to be an expert in any subject area, managing a philanthropic fund of $20,000 USD requires commitment, open-mindedness and a drive to learn and improve – the Model Foundation program is intensive.

We seek leaders with open visions from different backgrounds to work together to make a positive impact on the world through business, research, entrepreneurship and more. Participants in previous projects include:

  • Young leaders in the fields of philanthropy, environmental protection, education and international development
  • Professionals in the fields of finance, consulting, technology, law, and public policy
  • College students who are passionate about social innovation and environmental impact

Excellent applicants should meet the following conditions:

  1. Passionate and curious about the world
  2. Open-minded, empathetic approach, willing to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  3. Clarity of purpose, track record of creating, spreading and leading solutions to pressing social challenges, be it through entrepreneurship, policy, student clubs, volunteer work, or others
  4. Strong ability to self-reflect and drive to improve
  5. High proficiency in English with the ability to engage in complex discussions (program is entirely English-based)


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