AVPN Conference 2019


The Asia-Pacific is at a critical juncture. While it struggles with a complex web of pressing socio-environmental challenges, the region is a catalyst for positive systemic change, with a population of young, passionate, and socially attuned leaders as well as a growing concentration of the world’s largest wealth-holders.

To facilitate the strategic flow of financial and non-financial resources into these critical, high impact areas, AVPN is leading the charge to convene a diverse community of eminent social investing practitioners and thought leaders across Asia. These are leaders who are capable of sharing and applying innovative best practices, willing to collaborate around under-served causes, and experienced in advancing a movement towards maximum impact. Within seven years, AVPN now hosts the largest social investing conference in Asia-Pacific with more than 1000 representatives from over 45 countries.

The goal of the AVPN Conference 2019 is to ensure social investors are better equipped to champion and deploy capital more effectively into critical issues that matter most to them.

Breaking Boundaries


Collaboration is an evergreen necessity
While businesses, governments, and Social Purpose Organisations are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their impact initiatives, they often work in silos. This greatly depreciates the effectiveness of addressing immense challenges that require a full consideration of the multi-dimensional issue at hand. To close the $2.5 trillion SDG funding gap, AVPN is leveraging its convening power to pool diverse resources – whether financial or non-financial – across sectors in order to make sustained impact.

Increasing funding innovations and flexibility adopted to optimise entire portfolios
At AVPN, we are beginning to see a promising movement, in which investors are adopting a broader toolkit of financial instruments by combining grants, debt and equity to better support and scale Social Purpose Organisations at different growth stages. To fully leverage the entire Continuum of Capital, AVPN is bringing together experts and new entrants to facilitate cross-pollination of knowledge and best practices.

Expanding the tent to include mainstream investors
Recognising that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will only be met if mainstream private investors are also mobilising capital towards impact, AVPN is seeking to break down barriers to bring in the broader capital markets into the social investing network.


To address the complex challenges facing the region in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this 4-day premier event will provide thought leaders and capital providers opportunities to engage in cross-sector collaboration, best practice knowledge-sharing and advocacy. Focus topics include clarity and guidelines around sustainable finance and impact investing, improving corporate sustainability and effective philanthropy strategies, catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship, and foster stronger public-private partnerships. In addition, the conference will highlight high-impact issue areas including, climate action, healthcare and nutrition, and gender equity.

Every year, AVPN aims to bring highlights that are new and relevant to the table, and 2019 is no different. The AVPN Conference 2019 is proud to be hosting influential experts Larry Kramer, President of Hewlett Foundation; and Eileen Rockefeller Growald, co-founder and chair of Growald Family Fund. These speakers will be sharing with the network their experiences in overcoming challenges, achieving milestones, and setting their sights towards the future.

Year on year, the team at AVPN strives to improve the vibrant conference experience for delegates;  From cross-pollinating pertinent knowledge to fostering trustworthy connections across different sectors, the AVPN Conference is the go-to platform for social investor looking to make systemic impact.


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