Beijing Community Dinners: World Suicide Prevention Day – the Taboo of Suicide in China


Beijing Community Dinners presents:

Xiaojie Qin – World Suicide Prevention Day – the Taboo of Suicide in China

When: Sunday September 10, 2017 @ 7 PM

Where: Location: 一坐一忘丽江主题餐厅(工体店) Yizuo Yiwang, 工人体育场北路21号 三里屯永利国际大厦Gongti Yongli International Complex, Workers Stadium North Street 21 (Gongren Tiyuchang Beilu 21)

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Suicide is a difficult, even taboo subject for many, and yet in some places it has become a leading cause of death among young people. The 10th of September is World Suicide Prevention Day, and to mark the occasion BCD is hosting this talk by Xiaojie Qin on the topic of suicide. Xiaojie’s talk will look at the prevalence of suicide in Chinese society and attitudes towards it, how to spot the signs that someone is suicidal and how to help people at risk.
About the Speaker

Originally from the South-West of China, Xiaojie Qin has been working with International Non-Profit Organizations in China since 2008. She has a strong personal concern and care for society’s mental wellbeing, and founded CandleX in 2015.

About CandleX

CandleX ( was founded in 2015 in Beijing, with the mission of providing English-speaking people in Beijing with affordable, accessible, and quality mental health support. CandleX runs a variety of programs, including:

1) Mental Health Support Group.

This is an English-speaking peer-support group, for people affected by depression, bi-polar disorders, anxiety, and those who are going through difficult situations in life.

2) Community Events.

Presentations, speeches, movie screenings and workshops on emotional well-being, depression and bi-polar disorders are held in high schools, local community groups, embassies, government agencies and companies. These all aim to educate and empower.

3) MoodLaB | Bipolar Disorder Awareness Campaign.

This is an art project, started in 2016, that seeks to educate and de-stigmatize bipolar disorder.

4) Online Education.

CandleX’s media production includes videos, documentaries, educational articles, and a column where community members are invited to share their own personal stories about mental health.