CDB Forum – China’s Overseas NGO Law Two Years On


As China’s economic capacity and needs change, and especially after the implementation of the Overseas NGO Law, the environment for overseas NGOs in China has dramatically changed at all levels. Two years after the implementation of the new law, China Development Brief hopes to utilize our “CDB Forum” as a platform to facilitate discussion on the experiences and challenges overseas NGOs may have when operating under the changed circumstances, and on how they should deal with the future. The forum will also include discussions on important topics like how to file for temporary activities, and overseas NGOs helping Chinese NGOs to work abroad.

Purpose of the forum: We hope to facilitate the effective operations of overseas NGOs under the current circumstances, including in areas like strategic positioning, partnership maintenance and institutional operations.

The forum will take place on the 6th and 7th of November 2018 in Beijing (the specific location will be notified two weeks prior to the forum). Well-known scholars and chief representatives and senior management of renowned organizations in related fields will share their perspectives through featured speeches, roundtable discussions, Q & A sessions and more.


Forum information


Topic:China’s Overseas NGO Law Two Years On

Time:2018 November 6-7,9:00-17:00

Place:Beijing, Dongcheng district (after successfully registering you will receive an email confirming the location)

Fee:600 RMB, USD 90 or EUR 75(covering rent of the space, lunch and refreshments)

联络人中文:王梦迪  64071400  

English-language contact: Gabriel Corsetti  13521802038

Email:Wang Mengdi

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Time Topic Spokesperson
November 6th
9:00—9:05 Inauguration speech Ray Zhang
9:05—9:10 Introduction of the forum Peter Liu
9:10—9:50 Registration status and future prospects of international organizations in China (Q&A included) Jia Xijin, professor in Tsinghua University
9:50—10:30 Effective operations under the new circumstances—strategic positioning — the perspective of the Ford Foundation (Q&A included) Ms. Elizabeth  Knup (chief representative)
10:30–11:10 Effective operations under the new circumstances — strategic positioning — the perspective of Oxfam (Q&A included) Mr. Liao Hongtao (chief representative)
11:10–11:50 Effective operation under the new circumstances—strategic positioning—the perspective of Give2Asia (Q&A included) Ms. Xiao Rong (chief representative)


11:50–12:30 Effective operations under the new circumstances — strategic positioning — the perspective of INGOs (Q&A included) Speaker to be confirmed


12:30–13:30 lunch and group photo
13:30—15:00 Roundtable discussion — how can overseas NGOs help Chinese NGOs work abroad? Panel lead: the Asia Foundation, Ms. Ji Hongbo (chief representative)

Guest speakers:

Ford Foundation, Ms. Gu Qing

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, TBA

China Association of NGO Cooperation, TBA, Mr. Zhao Daxing (secretary general)

Save the Children, Strategic Development Lead Ms. Qian Xiaofeng

UNDP Wang Yalin

15:00–15:15 Tea break
15:15—16:45 Roundtable discussion — how international NGOs can maintain partnerships under the new law TNC, Mr.. LI Kai

PCD, Ms. Liu Haiying

World Animal Protection, Ms. Zhang Yan

Oxfam Hong Kong, Ms. Liu Yuan

16:15—17:00 Closing speech Peter Liu
November 7th
9:00–9:10 Introduction of the forum
9:10–10:10 Requirements and instructions for overseas NGOs’ registration and temporary activity filing NGO Management Office


10:10–11:00 Experiences of temporary activity filing— China Association of NGO Cooperation Mr. Zhao Daxing (secretary general)
11:00–11:30 Operations during the registration transition period — the perspective of Greenpeace Ms. Li Yan (chief representative)
11:30–12:00 Operations during the registration transition period (Q&A included)
12:00–13:00 Lunch
13:00–14:00 Human resources management under the new law (Q&A included)
14:00–15:00 Financial management under the new law (Q&A included)
15:00–15:50 Project management under the new law (Q&A included)
15:50–16:00 Closing speech