China Private Foundation Forum · the 8th Annual Symposium


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China Private Foundation Forum · Annual Symposium
About Annual Symposium
Q1: What is China Private Foundation Forum?
A1: It’s a non-official internet platform aiming at excellence and development
Q2: When and Where?
A2: November 22nd -23rd at Shanghai International Trade Centre
Q3: What is the topic of CPFF8?
A3: New pattern & Imagination. In the beginning of ‘13th 5-year plan’, CPFF8 is designed to discuss possibilities on new situations, including economy transition and Charity Law.
Q4: What organisations does the committee consist of?
A4: CPFF8 committee will consist of 13 organisations: Fujian Zhenro – the chairman on duty; Alibaba Foundation; Amway Foundation; Baidu Foundation; Sany Foundation; One Heart Foundation of Fujian Province; Yu Foundation; China Merchants Charitable Foundation; and Dunhe Foundation。
Q5: What activities has CPFF8 conducted this year?
A5: We have already conducted two theme forums discussing the development of social private foundations in Changsha and Nanjing, and next forum will be hosted in Hefei on September 4th. Besides, we organised 4 sessions’ salons named ‘What Secretaries say’ in Beijing, introducing the successful experience and resources in operating foundations.
Q6: What is on the agenda?
A6: An enlarged conference and sign-in will be on first day morning; in the afternoon there will be opening ceremony and then the formal forum; reception dinner and retrospect presentation are in the evening; On the second day, attendees can choose sub-forums to attend, including the topics of Charity Law, philanthropy trusts, social enterprises, community building, etc.; Closing ceremony is in the afternoon.
Q7: Is there anything else that highlights?
A7: If there is any innovative idea from any organisation, CPFF8 will provide sub-forums for sharing and communication.
Q8: Will there be distinguished guests attending?
A8: Mr Yongguang Xv of Narada Foundation; Mr Jian’gang Zhu of Sun Yat-sen University and other well-known persons will show up at the forum. Also, there will be a number of government officials, business celebrities, technological talents and humanists attending.
Q9: Will the forum change its name due to the non-existence of public offering of funds?
A9: It will be disclosed then.
About sign-up
Q1: Is the link only channel for sign-up?
A1: Yes. For the safety of your privacy and money, please go to the official website or links on Wechat account to sign up.
Q2: What if I made reduplicative orders?
A2: Press the green button to cancel and purchase again.
Q3: Can I buy tickets for more than one person?
A3: Yes. The maximum is 5. Please fill out the personal information forms prior to confirming the payment.
Q4: Can I have the invoice for payment?
A4: Yes. Please tick ‘invoice’ when filling out the form.
Q5: Who is the issuer of the invoice?
A5: It’s a 3rd party services company.
Q6: How can I receive the invoice?
A6: There is a counter for invoice at sign-up. Mailing services are not provided. If not available getting invoices on the scene, please come to our offices in Beijing or Shanghai to take within 15 days after the forum.
Q7: How can the ticket fare be paid?
A7:Only online payment is available.
Q8: What if the online payment failed?
A8: If the fare is not deducted from your balance, please try again, otherwise contact Desen Fang (cell-18911224664) or Xiaopang (cell-13811117422) immediately.
Q9: Where can I see my electronic invoice?
A9: There will be an email, QR code and text message for electronic invoices downloading.
Q10: What if I didn’t receive the electronic invoice after replying through Wechat?
A10: Your reply to Wechat account is supposed to be in the format like bt123456.
Q11: Is the electronic ticket only proof checking in?
A11: Yes. The electronic ticket will be a QR code. Please show it up at check-in.
Q12: What does the ticket fare include?
A12: Besides the forum does it also include the expense of a dinner and a lunch.
Q13: Does the ticket fare include accommodation?
A13: No.
Q14: Is the ticket fare returnable?
A14: No. But you can transfer the ticket to anyone in need.
Q15: Can I have tickets reserved?
A15: No. First purchase, first served.