ChinaWire Charity Auction Event 2017


ChinaWire Charity Auction Event 2017

ChinaWire is proud to announce that three foreign ambassadors will attend our Charity Auction Event on the 23rd of April. Christopher Mero, the Ambassador from Papua New Guinea along with Suriname sculptor Hindori, our Latvian host and business man Aleksandres as well as the ambassadors from Suriname and Latvia have decided to join forces with ChinaWire. Papua New Guinea Ambassador Christopher Mero, Suriname Ambassador Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas, Phd. and Latvian Ambassador Maris Selga are all firmly believe that sending foreign experts out into the poorest counties of China in order to elevate the education standards is a good and worthy goal. We thank them for their support.




This Event is brought to you by “International Hero Charity Fund”, a Non-Profit organization and Charity Fund established by ChinaWire in collaboration with “China Next Generation Education Fund”.


Our Mission

We are focused on helping Chinese students throughout China’s poorest counties to achieve their dreams. Our effort will be to organize and pay for experts in China to travel to these poor counties to help train and guide local teachers from the town and surrounding areas. In raising the quality of local schools we hope to give as many children a leg up as possible. We will also make connections between our experts and talented students, so that they can advance and have a chance to attend a top university. In addition, for these high achieving students we will be setting up a fund to help them with thier college tuition costs.

So whether it be with your time or your money, you can be a part of helping and shaping the minds of China’s most deserving children.


When, Where & Tickets

Date: 23rd April, Sunday, 2017

Time: 5:00pm-9:30pm (Dinner at the Sofitel, Ballroom)

Ticket Cost: 798 Yuan

Address: Sofitel Hotel (Wanda) 7th Floor, No. 39  Building C, Wanda Squre, JianGuo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京万达索菲特大饭店, 北京朝阳区建国路93号万达广场 C座


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Special Invited Guests

Latvian Ambassador Maris Selga and his wife Marika Selga

Suriname Ambassador Dr. Lloyd L. Pinas, Phd.

Papua New Guinea Ambassador Christopher Mero

New York Times, Journalist

New York Times Best Selling Author

Former Canadian Economics Counselor

Xiyuan Hospital CACMS Director

CCTV Director

China Daily, Columnist

German TV, Director

CRI, manager

Australian Chamber of Commerce, Manager

Mexican Chamber of Commerce, Manager

German Chamber of Commerce, Manager

Chaopi Wholesale Company, Manager

Boeing Company, Manager

Renmin University, American Sculptor

China Travel Service Co. Ltd, Manager

SAFEA China Services International, Manager


Why You Should Be There

– To help support students in need.

– To meet other people who also love charity.

– To purchase valuable products at the charity auction.

– To showcase your company and advertise your products for auction.

– To meet potential clients or business prospects.

– To network with prominent foreigners and locals.

– Every auction winner will have the oppourtunity to give a one minute speech to the executive crowd in attendance.