Competition to create the World Philanthropy Forum’s logo


The “World Philanthropy Forum” was initiated by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Tsinghua University and other organisations on September 5th, 2016. In order to promote the forum, to maximise global participation and to build consensus, the organisers have decided to launch a global competition for the creation of the forum’s logo, with an award for the winner.

Time: November 22nd 2016 to early February 2017


  1. The Logo should consist of both a picture and words and it should be simple and polished. The words should reflect the aims and objectives of the forum and also include the two elements “world” and “Philanthropy”.
  2. The logo should be easily recognisable. Chinese characters and English words do not have to be in the same font.
  3. Participants should provide a brief and clear introduction of their design.
  4. All the original graphic files, fonts as well as usage scenarios under different situations should also be provided by the participants.
  5. The logo should be originally designed and the participants should promise that they have the whole legal copyright of their entries.
  6. All entries must not violate the legal copyright of other people. Plagiarists will be disqualified and responsible for the legal disputes they cause.
  7. Participants must submit the electronic version of their work by email, with the title, designer’s name and contact information included. The electronic version should be high definition and layered graph (either PS or AI). Failure to submit will also lead to disqualification. Participants must also keep all the original files for verification.


The copyright of the final work adopted will be owned by the World Philanthropy Forum. A certificate and 10,000 US dollars (approximately 67,000 RMB) will be awarded to the winner.

Email address:

Tel: 010-62773929 (GUO Pan 郭盼)