FNGO Registration Support Program


The Center for Charity Law under the Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) is inviting applications from foreign non-governmental organizations (FNGOs) in China to participate in its FNGO Registration Support Program.The FNGO Registration Support Program was launched to gather critical on-the-ground information, understand various FNGOs’ specific practical challenges, and provide registration support. The Center will provide support to FNGOs in:

-Completing the official FNGO registration process;

-Tackling legal issues under the new FNGO legal framework; and

-Providing strategic advice to FNGOs on how to continue their operations in China.


The call for applications to receive FNGO registration support is now open. Please email Oma Lee at for more information.


About the Program:

The Center is designing and implementing a series of support programs following the passing of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Administration of Activities of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations in the Mainland of China (the FNGO Law). The Center, as one of China’s leading research and policy advocacy institutions, is in a unique position to leverage its policymaker stakeholder engagements, broad field connections, and extensive research expertise to construct a series of FNGO registration support activities.


Under the FNGO Registration Support Program, the Center will:

-Assess a variety of model cases to explore the new legal challenges and territories facing FNGOs under the new legal framework;

-Offer legal advice and recommendations that cater specifically to the needs of individual organizations;Host a series of seminars to facilitate cross-sector sharing of information relating to the FNGO law; and

-Conduct stakeholder engagement activities.

These activities will explore the potential challenges facing FNGOs, as well as cement a core network of FNGOs in China.


About the Organization

The Beijing Normal University China Philanthropy Research Institute (CPRI) was established in June 2010 to address the needs of China’s rapidly growing philanthropic sector. It is the first not-for-profit, philanthropic organization of its kind dedicated to supporting the sustainable growth of China’s charitable sector through research, training, advocacy and services. Led by the nationally renowned Mr. Wang Zhenyao, the Institute has already become one of the most influential philanthropic organizations within China.

The Center for Charity Law at the CPRI specializes in legal research relating to China’s charity and philanthropy sector, providing practical legal consulting and training services to government departments, nonprofit organizations and companies. The Center is a leading research institute in China’s public interest field, and was heavily involved in the legislative drafting process of China’s Charity Law, maintaining close cooperation and providing critical legal support to the National People’s Congress legislative drafting units, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other government departments. It was also involved in the submission of policy recommendations during the FNGO law drafting process. The Center has strategic partnerships with various academic institutions, law firms, and tax authorities, and is positioned as a focal point for analyzing China’s NGO legal environment and upcoming challenges from an all-encompassing, practical perspective.


Moving forward, the Center will focus on helping domestic and international government departments and civil society actors alike in understanding and clarifying Charity Law and FNGO Law issues, as well as providing training, advice and advocacy to facilitate the smooth implementation of China’s new NGO legal framework.


If you would like to get in touch, please email Oma Lee at